Owning property in the UK as a US citizen

  • Monday, March 01, 2021
  • 19:00 - 20:00
  • via Zoom



Join Lonnée Hamilton from London Realty International, and Jenny Judd from London & Capital, who come together for an interesting update around the property market and the considerations to keep in mind when owning property in the UK as a US person. Furthermore, there will also be a focus on US/UK tax efficient investment strategies. The agenda for the event will be the following:

Lonnée Hamilton from London Realty International will go through:

  • Property – what’s the latest you need to know on the property market and current trends
  • Buying and selling property in the UK (and worldwide) and benefiting from a personalised service that matches the approach you would expect to find in the US
  • Differences between UK and US real estate agency


Jenny Judd from London & Capital will continue on:


  • Owning property in the UK as a US Person – the tax considerations
  • Further potential tax issues for Americans living in the UK and compliant Investment solutions
  • Ensuring tax doesn’t get in the way of good financial planning, some ideas to help you build a plan for your financial future”




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