Grocery Shopping

There are a number of different options for food shopping in London.

Tesco – one of the cheaper options, they have large grocery stores and also quick shops (usually close to the tube) in case you need to grab just a few things. Tesco also has an online delivery service.

Waitrose – More of an upscale grocery shop, located all over the city. They have a lot of prepared meals that just need to be heated. You can shop in most Waitrose stores and have your shopping delivered if within the same area.

Ocado – The online version of Waitrose, deliver daily (except Sunday).

Whole Foods – The same Whole Foods you know from the US. This store, however, has a large food hall upstairs where many people meet for lunch. They offer wireless internet in the store for a nominal fee. Whole Foods will also deliver your shopping within certain areas for free. They currently have only one location in London.

Sainsbury’s – A typical super market, slightly more upscale than Tesco, but not as fancy as Waitrose. They offer online shopping and delivery.

Asda – A low cost grocery super store. These are typically located outside of the city and you will most likely need a car to shop here.

Marks & Spencer – M&S offers a variety of prepared foods that simply need to be cooked. They also offer other grocery basics.

Planet Organic – An organic market that sells groceries along with eco-friendly and organic products.

Partridge – A specialty grocer that offers a large selection of American grocery products. There are two locations, one off Gloucester Road and one off King’s Road.

Skyco Online – Online American foods.

Individual Shops and Markets – London has small markets and grocers all over the place. Explore your neighborhood to find out what is available near you!

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