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Thursday, February 14, 2019 23:31 | Anonymous member

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 120 Year Founders' Day Charity Gala 

What should I wear?

This is a chance to get dressed up and celebrate the past, present and future of the AWC while raising money for our charitable work. Go as fancy as you like but don’t let it stress you out. Dressy pant suits, cocktail dresses or evening gowns are all appropriate; black tie is completely optional.

What will others be wearing?

Whitney will likely be in a sparkly dress and designer heels. Sally will likely be in the same black yoga pants for 5 days running and will panic the day of and hit the local charity shops.

Can you wear yoga pants to a gala?

Absolutely not. One must draw the line somewhere.

How can I convince my partner to come?

Tell them that: 1) It will be fun; 2) everyone will be friendly (most are Americans!); 3) it’s International Women’s Day and you deserve to be honoured; 4) you were dragged to a foreign country, for heaven’s sake, so they can certainly be dragged out for one night. Jeesh.

If I go on my own will I feel awkward?

Not if we can help it. You’ll be among friends, some you may not have even met yet! Per party rules everyone will be required to reach out and speak to at least three people they don’t know. If you’d like to mix up the mingling, sign up for a volunteer shift to keep yourself busy.

Why is Founders’ Day important to you?

“2019 marked the start of seven years as a member of the AWC. This will be my fifth Founders’ Day to attend, having missed only a couple due to travel for family and friends’ weddings. I’m excited to be in charge this year as it’s always been an incredible event where I have a wonderful time with friends and make new friends. In fact, Founders’ Day was one of the first events that I attended as a new member and I met some of my best London mates that evening. Over the years, many have moved back to the States but the bonds we made through the club have endured distance and time. It can be tough to be a “long-termer” but by staying actively involved with the AWC, I continue to build new friendships and can help support those new to this fabulous city!”
– Whitney, Founders’ Day Chair and Director of Special Events

“I love volunteering at the Soup Kitchen and am thrilled that the proceeds from this event go to our three chosen charities. And I support the AWC because getting out of my apartment and being social is good for my sanity.”
– Sally, Founders’ Day Marketing & Publicity

Learn more about Founders' Day and register for the Charity Gala here:

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